Goodnight, the love of my life! Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Funny Good Night Messages.

“May this morning be good to you too handsome. When texting him at night, you can say something like “Sweet dreams,” “Night my love,” “Good night darling,” or “Good night sweetheart.


You can text them back and talk about how you can’t sleep, either.

“Just. . I can’t wait to wake up next to you! Sleep tonight.


Excellent line, especially before sex. Best good night text make her feel loved and appreciated before sleep. ”.

It was really nice to feel like the first thing someone thought of in the morning and the last thing they thought of before going to sleep. 4.

It’s not needy, and it’s not attention seeking.

Make the conversation playful with a little competition.

1. ”.

” “Can’t go to sleep without wearing your tee. I Wish The Same Fate Upon You.

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If they mention relationship issues: “I completely get what you’re saying.
Because today is a very special day.

I had a lot of trouble falling asleep.


. . “Go to sleep with a smile on your face and remember that I'm always here for you.

Many people appreciate it when their partners. Make the conversation playful with a little competition. 2. [1]. May 11, 2023 · Former President Donald Trump offered America a throwback to past national angst and a possible future of even greater drama in a CNN town hall on Wednesday.


“Trump’s comments hurt him, and what he said is significant,” said John Fishwick, a former U. I had a few nightmares, but other than that I slept okay.



If it wasn’t a good day, you may be able to send words of inspiration to help them end their day on a positive note.


“If I’m continually sending the last text, then having to send a follow-up to get a reply (especially if the last text had a question in.