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. That means that almost half of the population is or has been unfaithful at least once. 00 pesos to perform a marriage at the Office of the Civil Registry.


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Thanks. Learn how we can help you through the process and make your marriage stress free.

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. Some are planning to move to Denmark for the long haul, while others live in Europe or the U.

If you want to work, seek family reunification, or stay in Denmark longer than 90 days (e.
International couples have been travelling here to get married since the ‘60s and it’s something we’re proud of too.

As seen on the copy all information is written in five languages, Danish, English, German, French, and Spanish.


25% Danish VAT. . There is no US law preventing American citizens from getting married abroad, so yes, you can go ahead and start planning your overseas wedding.

Bergen (Norway) – the flight takes only 1 hour. Follow. Thousands in fact. If one of you has previously been married, the previous marriage must have been dissolved before you. .

How long does a couple normally have stay in Denmark after approval of the marriage application? If you marry in Copenhagen, you will both need to go to the.

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How long does a couple usually stay in Denmark after the marriage proposal is approved?.

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When you come to Denmark to work, you will need to apply for a tax card.

In order to enter into marriage in Denmark, you must both be 18 years of age or over and you must both be unmarried.

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